Ariel Szabó, the famous funk praise singer, was born in the heart of Budapest. He was still a young lad when he discovered his great love of music. Budapest has very rich musical culture, and Szabó was inspired to love music even more. The city is also home to the best musical composers the world has ever seen.
Early life 

Szabó was a high-spirited boy and always stood out amongst his peers. His love was music was expressed at any given opportunity as he was consistently seen using plates from his mother's kitchen to make beats for his songs. The surface of the dining table also served as a drum for beats. With time, his music exercises became even better.
The environment played a significant role in convincing him that music was meant for him. His family home would always come alive with music and dancing. During this period, Szabó made his initial attempts at music composition, and he did excellently.
Unfortunately, the star had to move with his family in 1987 when they all relocated to Austria. His family settled in Vienna. Szabó branched into gospel music and was determined to make the most of his love for music. He joined a gospel choir and was privileged to go on two gospel choir tours in different European cities. He was delighted to have found a means to express his passion. He yearned for proper music education even though he was born a natural. He hoped to learn how to play the guitar, and his wish was fulfilled when he was in his fourth year of elementary school. There and then, he began music classes with guitar lessons on a regular basis. Even when he reached high school, he didn't fail to continue with his passion.
Szabó was privileged to study in the United States in Brownsville Revival School of Ministry from 2001 to 2003. During his studies, he was predominantly interested in the application of the Christian faith in the lives of others as well as himself. He remained spiritually driven and upon his return to Austria, he sustained his guitar education. This time, it was no longer in high school, but at a private conservatory. He went for further music education at the prestigious University of Music and also Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria. In the University, he got an instructor for his guitar classes.
His gospel choir, Star Gospel Mass Choir, was established in 2006, and the star never missed a performance. He participated fully in several performances, sometimes as a chorister and other times, a soloist. One highlight of his life was the performance in the Viennese disco in the presence of Johnny K. Palmer, and Starmania Lady Alex. Johnny K. is a famous musical artist who also comes from Budapest, Hungary, and he worked as a copywriter with others for the Hungarian candidate in the European Song Contest of 2011.
Music composition and his path to the limelight
Szabó began to move out of his comfort zone to perform for larger audiences, and his compositions were great. His raw talent was showcased by his ability to compose instrumentals as well as vocalise them. He offered his audience a choice of beautiful vocals or smooth instrumentals. Before long, his talent began to yield recognition from the movie industry. He received a proposal to use his composition for a series of films from Echo TV and Vienna's Journal. The collaboration was a great success, and the series were up and running in no time.
For the film series, which recorded great success in the Vienna's Gasometer, Szabó composed the rousing song titled "Movies Monday" he also composed for Stefan Joham, the star photographer to accompany his Art design. His astonishing mixture of Viennese dialect with distinctive drum rhythms always has a way of wowing the audience. His raw talent has taken him to different countries and allowed him to meet various talented people.
His Christian life
Szabó's Christian life is of utmost importance to him, and this is why he uses music to express the gospel to others. A lot of his song lyrics border around his personal life and values. His songs are mostly composed by him or partly composed to give him the opportunity of speaking about his love for God. He speaks from his heart in most of his song lyrics, and using his guitar, he showcases an energetic, artistic, passionate, and sometimes crazy young lad.
His various gospel performances have been received well by his audience and in 2009, he appeared at the Pro Christ concert. In that concert, he made friends with Michael W. Smith, a fellow performer of soulful gospel songs.
They connected almost immediately due to their similar genre of songs and faith.
Present life
Szabó returned to his home in Austria and now resides in Tyrol. He occupies himself with teaching other young people guitar playing and music generally. As he was taught, he hopes to be an inspiration to others as well.
His music styles are pop, funk, reggae, Worship Music, a little rap and Soft Rock. His new single titled "She's the one!" has made waves all over Austria and is currently featured on every radio station in the country. A similar German version of the song is also available.
Best summer hits from Ariel Szabo
Szabó’s summer hits 2016 has been making waves in different radio stations all over Austria, and a German version of his “She’s the 1! “will be released soon. The hit single “She’s the 1! “ is a mix of pop and reggae which makes it an excellent party song. It’s also a beautiful love song, composed for the woman he loves and plans to love forever. His lyrics highlight the romantic nature of Szabó as he expresses love for his woman. He has butterflies flying in his stomach like a sixteen-year-old in love. He proves, with his lyrics, that it's never wrong to show how you truly feel about that special someone. The most amazing aspect of the song was the subtle message embedded in the lyrics. He was so certain she was his wife because they gave their hearts to Christ and were able to find each other through Christ. He subtly encouraged Christian couples to give their hearts to Christ. This best summer hits from Szabó is a perfect song for the summer, although, it is great during all other seasons. It represents happiness, romance, faithfulness and fun for the long summer. But most importantly, the song represents God's love for humans and his providence that binds couples together and allows them to spend their lifetime together. Their decisions are all guided by their faith in God, and they keep growing stronger. You can listen to She’s the 1! A Summer Hit Song for every season on
The German version of the song is slightly different in lyrics, but they share a similar beat. The title in German is “Im Liebesglück vereint” and this, when translated into English, reads "United in love and happiness". The soulful lyrics told a story of lovers and their day out on the beach. They walked on the beach, played in the sand and tenderly embraced one another. Szabó appreciated the beauty of the woman he loved and termed her "a light in his life". He portrayed her as not just beautiful, but priceless like a diamond. He wanted to hold her as he did in the sand for the rest of his life, so close, in their castle, like a knight and his bride.
He imagined them spending a life together forever as he thanked God for her existence. His devotion and faith in God was shown again at the end of his lyrics. He emphasized the importance of God in their relationship, and as long as God is with them, they will be okay. This heartwarming love song is suitable for the summer and the other seasons as well. This summer hits 2016 are sure to keep youths and seniors on their feet during the season. The singles will also bring people closer to Christian as Szabó hopes to achieve from his lyrics.